Making It Happen

Hello, love.

Do you ever think about manifesting? As in, the ability to shift unseen forces to your desired outcome? 

Not in a mind control way, except kinda in a mind control way. 

You've probably experienced this, even if you didn't recognize it as such at the time. Sometimes you don't get the exact thing you want, but you get something pretty darn close. 

I've manifested things that I didn't have any business expecting I should have. There is my apartment in Brooklyn, which I clearly envisioned myself living in, though I was told it was rented to someone else (the landlord subsequently changed his mind and gave it to me instead). It even had stripes painted on the walls, and I had previously decided that I wanted striped walls in my next apartment. 

The car I drive is the exact car I wanted, in the same color I wanted it, though it was out of my budget. I somehow came across one that was within my budget (I wasn't even looking for it at the time).

I wanted to be bicoastal and as soon as I set my heart on finding a way to make that happen, a one bedroom apartment in the building next door to my old building in LA came on the market. I have the same neighbors. They look after my apartment when I'm not there. 

These are just a few examples. 

On the outside these might seem like coincidences, but I know my mindset at the time those opportunities appeared. I can be really determined sometimes, and I tend to make things happen when I'm in that mode. 

I'm not special. We are all manifesting all of the time. The question is, are we manifesting what we desire? Or what we fear?

I'm being extra vigilant in my thoughts and focusing those feelings of certainty on my desired outcomes. And I hope you are, too! 

When you manifest something amazing, please tell me about it, OK? OK!