How Can Love Coaching Help You?

When it comes to finding love, chances are you’ve been getting bad advice your entire life. It started with fairy tales, which taught you to be passive and “Wait for your prince to come.” Then there were the romantic comedies, which taught you “Hold out hope for an unavailable/dysfunctional man to come to his senses and fall in love with you.” And of course, the incredibly unhelpful “You’ll find love when you stop looking for it.” 

You’ve been told your whole life that love is just supposed to happen. You’ve been told that if it doesn’t, you’re unlucky, or worse - unlovable. 

The truth -- the real truth about love is: You are infinitely lovable. And when it comes to finding a healthy, loving relationship, you possess within you the ability to make your own luck. To co-create your very own happy ending. Yes, really! 

Figuring out on your own how to make love a reality can feel nearly impossible. 

That’s where love coaching comes in. 

Your journey to transforming your love life is part inner work (beliefs, mindset, self love) and part outer work (taking effective action to meet and connect with compatible potential partners). You need both if you want to make your own luck in love and co-create the relationship of your dreams. 

You are at your own unique stage in your love journey. To get from where you are right now to the love you want in your life, you need a roadmap. 

That’s where The Find Love Formula™ comes in. It’s a framework I’ve developed after 6 years of working with hundreds of clients at all different stages in their love journeys.

The Find Love Formula™ is your very own, customizable blueprint to gaining the confidence, clarity and skills you need to make love happen faster than you thought possible!

I’ve developed a number of offerings designed to help you apply The Find Love Formula™ to your unique set of circumstances so you can finally find the love you desire! Read more below.

The Find Love Formula™ Consultation

This introductory offering is perfect for anyone who is struggling with any love or dating challenges and is looking to understand why and how to make the changes necessary to make those challenges a thing of the past. 

Ideal for: Proactive people at any stage of your love journey.

It includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire - designed for maximum reflection and A-ha! 

  • Clarity Session - 2.5 hr deep dive into what’s been holding you back and more importantly -- the steps to take moving forward to make the love you desire a reality. 

  • Customized Love Action Plan -- a document for you to refer to in the future to keep you on track on your love journey. 

Investment: $500

The Find Love Formula™ Coaching Jumpstart

This 1 month offering is perfect for anyone actively dating, but realizes whatever you’re doing just isn’t getting you the results you want.

Ideal for: Active daters who feel off-track and are looking for guidance on how to course-correct towards healthy, lasting love. 

It includes: 

  • Everything The Find Love Formula™ Consultation includes, +

  • 2 Additional coaching sessions (1 hour each) +

  • The Self Love Formula™ + The Find Love Formula™ resource guides +

  • Dating profile + photo consultation + 

  • Access to monthly client-only live video workshop

Investment: $1,200 (payment plans are available)

The Find Love Formula™ VIP Coaching Intensive

This 3 month offering is perfect for anyone who wants to understand their love challenges up until now, how to move forward towards the love you want, and wants ongoing accountability and support to make sure you stay on the right track, and create new, lasting love habits. 

Ideal for: Anyone who has a longstanding negative dating pattern, who doesn’t have a lot of dating experience, or who struggles with staying motivated to date. 

It includes:

  • Everything The Find Love Formula™ Jumpstart includes, +

  • 7 Additional coaching sessions (1 hour each) +

  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions

Investment: $3,500 (payment plans are available)