The #1 Love Lesson From A Slow Learner (Me)

I’m a slow learner sometimes.

I understand information quickly, but information is not knowledge. You might know how to ride a horse or sew a dress, but not because someone told you how to do it, even if you understood the directions. You learned by doing until you had integrated that information into know how.

Information is not power. Integration is - understanding how to integrate information so that you can actually do the thing you set out to do - that’s the power.

For me, love was a slow learning process. My love psychology was a code that took me a long time to crack. There were years of heartbreak and disappointment or simply avoiding love entirely. But I was motivated - so I read a hundred books on love and relationships and consistently worked to up-level my mindset.

And one day I looked up and I had finally gotten it. All of the information in my head about how to attract love finally lined up with my thoughts, my actions and my heart. And of course - the loving relationship I desired materialized out of “nowhere”.

Looking back at those years of trial and error, I suddenly felt clear - I realized:

I had the power all along.

Love is not just for the lucky few. Whatever that fearful voice in your head says - that you’re not beautiful enough or young enough or likable enough, or that X type of person doesn’t want to date your type of person, or you’re too damaged or your thighs are too big or any of the millions of lies - it’s not true.

When you’re feeling stuck, pessimistic, or heartbroken, feeling like love won’t ever happen for you is normal. But you’re also wrong (luckily your feelings aren’t facts) - love is always possible.

Accepting that - that there’s a path for you to find love, is the ultimate empowerment. You might have to take time to heal. You might have to let go of some old, false beliefs about yourself. You might have to address the underlying fears that have you stuck. You might have to take a hard look at your own decision making and emotional availability.

When you open yourself up to that possibility, you get one step closer to love.

As a coach, helping people to integrate the steps of finding love into - you know - actually finding love is my specialty.

When people think of love coaching, they think of someone telling them how to dress and what to say in a text message. But what I really do is much more important and transformative than that. I love showing people in one conversation how they can start to become knowledgeable about cracking their own love code.

If you’re ready to make love happen once and for all, I invite you to reserve a free session with me. It could be the call that changes everything.