Part 3 - How to Actually Meet Someone Online and Not Swipe Into the Void

How to Actually Be Original Online

Hello Doll!

By now you’ve learned the importance of letting your end goal (falling in love) guide your actions online, starting with your profile and how your represent yourself. You know the importance of paying attention to the “story” your profile and profile photos tell.

And now, continuing on that theme, here’s a big one. If you don’t follow this tip, your profile will be easily overlooked, and will probably elicit more than a few eye rolls - which is not what you’re going for!

#Tip 3 Avoid Cliches!

Google “online dating cliches” and make sure you’re not falling into these common traps. No matter how much you love that photo of yourself, most guys who see your photo wearing a fake mustache will probably roll their eyes. And men - women hate car selfies. They just do!

Most dating profiles are slapped together without much care or thoughtfulness. And it shows! When you see cliches online, you hate it. You want people to do better.

Be the change you want to see in online dating!

You can stand out from the crowd in the best way by being smart and deliberate about how you present yourself.

You might be looking for your “partner in crime”, but can you think of another way to say that?

Ask yourself: what kinds of experiences do I want to share with my partner? Adventures off the couch via exploring new neighborhoods and on the couch via Netflix binge? Someone who has your back and you have his? Say that instead!

Paint a picture. You can do this in just a few sentences. Here’s an example:

I hope to meet a man who thinks wandering the city aimlessly on a Sunday afternoon is the perfect way to spend a day. If you also love deep conversations, Afrobeat and Italian food, we should definitely meet!

I wrote that off the top of my head in 20 seconds. It’s not rocket science, it’s just being honest and authentic. Some guys would read that and think “God, I would hate to spend a day doing that” or “Deep conversations? Next!

But that’s actually a good thing. Because there’s also guys who are going to read that and say “She read my mind!” or “She sounds like the perfect woman.

Who do you want to meet? Speak to that person!

OK, you got this! Stay tuned for Part 4 tomorrow. We’re almost halfway through!