Part 2 - How to Actually Meet Someone Online and Not Swipe Into the Void

How to Actually Stand Out to the People Who Might Really Be Compatible With You

Hi there! Yesterday we covered keeping the end game in mind while online dating. That is an overarching concept I want you to keep in mind in everything that you do dating wise.

Today, I’m building on that theme and getting a bit more specific about the best actions for you to take in creating your profile.

#Tip 2 Make sure you’re telling the right “story”

Yesterday I asked you to review your profile. When you read it, does it feel like you? Do your photos convey your personality and interests? Put yourself in the shoes of who you want to attract. Among the thousands of profiles they will likely see, will they recognize you as someone they want to meet?

If you’re not sure, ask a trusted friend for feedback. Make sure they understand you are going for authentic connection and NOT maximum # of swipes.

For instance, if your unique qualities are humor, intellectual curiosity and being family oriented, how are you conveying that in your words and photos? Not every photo has to convey every aspect of your personality, but each photo should convey at least one.

If your #1 hobby is travel, show it by using a photo of you on a trip. If you claim to be funny, do you have a photo of yourself smiling or laughing? If you have great personal style, do your pictures show it?

I once had a client who was looking for love, marriage and family with a religious man. Before we started working together, she booked a professional photo shoot for online photos. When she showed me the pics she’d chosen, I was shocked to see that the photo shoot had taken place in a hotel room with an unmade bed, with many of the photos of her laying in the bed provocatively, wearing nothing but a slinky slip.

My reaction was “ummmmm”. I was literally speechless. How did this boudoir, provocative photo shoot reflect the values she possessed and that she was looking for in a man? It didn’t. It was highly inappropriate based on what she was looking for.

She would have gotten LOADS of attention with those photos. But it would have been from the absolute wrong guys for her. And the guys who are actually looking for a religiously conservative woman for marriage and family? They wouldn’t have taken her seriously as an option for that kind of relationship.

I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down here. Know yourself and show yourself in your profile. But keep your clothes on. (For now.)

Seriously - your profile is so important. No matter how much love you have to offer and how amazing you are, you’ve got to make it easy to capture the interest of the right people. You got this!

See you tomorrow for Part 3!