Got Grownup Growing Pains?

Hello Doll,

When I was a kid, my brother and I both experienced growing pains - literally. We'd get aches and pains from the stress of our fast-growing limbs. 

There's a limit on how long our bones will grow, so as my doctor predicted, we both eventually outgrew our growing pains. The physical ones, that is. 

If you want to grow a muscle, you can only do so through the pain of stressing that muscle over and over again. But it's not all bad - eventually your muscles get stronger and stronger, and you gain confidence by the very pursuit of that increased strength.

Unlike our bodies, our minds have truly limitless potential. Just like our bodies, for us to grow mentally and emotionally, stress is required. 

When you have an area of your life where pain and stress is occurring, that's a strong indication there's something new, something more developed wanting to evolve in your life. 

Your body will grow as your complex biology dictates. But your most powerful resource - your big, beautiful, limitless brain - has the power to convince you that avoiding the stress of growth is of paramount importance. 

But that's a lie. 

Those growing pains you feel - that's your inner wisdom screaming at you it's time to change. The love you want, the career you want, the lifestyle you want - it's all on the other side of your resistance to change. 

The fear lies in the anticipation of radical change. Funny thing about fear - the only way to diminish its power over you is to do the very thing it's trying so hard to convince you not to. 

The more you shine a light on that fear, the more it shrinks into the background, until the next level of growth is complete. Where in your life do you feel the stress the most? What is the change you're resisting?

What's one thing you can do, right now, that feels scary but necessary at the same time? 

If you feel the growing pains in your love life or career, I invite you to reserve a complimentary 1-on-1 coaching session with me. 

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