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Ep #28 Brice Izyah -- Winning At Life Through Authenticity

“Bitch, I am the gift.” Get ready for a laugh out loud, unfiltered conversation with @briceizyah, host of The Purple Pants podcast and former Survivor contestant. Brice opens up about growing up as an openly gay black man, his first-ever relationship, struggling with authenticity and dating, and breaking the pattern of only being attracted to men who aren’t that into him. 

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Ep #11 Corinne Kaplan: Dating makes a great story

“Professional dater”, “advanced drinker” and “social climber” (all her words!) Corinne Kaplan (@corinsanity) sits down with Francesca to discuss her adventure-based approach to dating, her potentially impossible dating standards, and how she lives her best single life. Corinne is a two-time Survivor contestant, Amazing Race contestant and host of the podcast My Best Friend Corinne.

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