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Ep #25 *Minisode* Francesca Hogi -- Are Progressive Women Totally Screwed When It Comes To Dating Men?

“If we give our energy to the people we don’t want, we take that away from ourselves, and from the people we do want.” In this solo episode, Francesca tackles the issues facing single progressive women who want to date feminist men who aren’t racist and truly believe in equality. “Performative wokeness” and fake feminists are a problem in modern dating, and she breaks down how to avoid the fakers and connect with men of true character. 

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Ep #18 Amari Ice: Empowering gay men

“Love is not a fairytale. It’s more like a video game. And the #1 reason anybody is single or will soon be single again is because they’re trying to have a level 25 relationship with level 3 skills.” Author, relationship coach and certified matchmaker Amari Ice (@princeamari) is a pioneer - and he’s on a mission to empower gay men to have the lasting love they desire and deserve. In this interview, he and Francesca discuss the parallels and differences between helping gay men and straight women finding love. Amari drops all the wisdom about what holds people back from finding love and what it takes to move past the love blocks of the past.

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