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Ep #15 *Minisode* Francesca Hogi: Rejection Isn't Real

“Rejection is a feeling. Your feelings are valid, but your feelings aren’t facts.” This week, Francesca puts on her coaching hat to break down her philosophy “rejection isn’t real”. Whether you fear romantic rejection, professional rejection or you’re dealing with heartbreak -- she has advice to share on how you can start to reframe your story about rejection and use your new perspective to change your life.

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Ep #14 Carmen Rodgers: Loving love

“I love love. I think experiencing love and heartbreak is par for the course.” Singer/songwriter (and more) Carmen Rodgers (@carmenrodgers) joins Francesca to talk falling in love, why she loves dating, pouring her heart out into her music, heartbreak, bouncing back, what exactly Janet Jackson smells like, the power of scent, Carmen’s skincare line, and more!

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Ep #1 Tunde Adebimpe: Love Songs, Creativity and Inner Peace

Rock star, zen master and creative genius Tunde Adebimpe (@tadebimpe) sits down with Francesca for a hilarious and inspiring conversation about love, love songs, and more. Tunde is best known as the lead singer of TV On The Radio (@tvontheradio), and in addition he’s an actor, visual artist, filmmaker, and more. They discuss love, love songs, marriage, dating disasters, being married to your bandmates, creativity, perspective and more! From the personal to the universal, it’s a thought-provoking, inspiring and often hilarious conversation. 


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