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Ep #17 *Minisode* Francesca Hogi: How To Finally Love Yourself

“Self confidence isn’t the same as self love.” In this minisode, love and life coach Francesca puts on her coaching hat and breaks down The Self Love Formula™, 5 steps to learn to finally learn to love yourself. She shares the same step-by-step “self love check-in” she uses with her clients and for herself.

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Ep #3 Tazima Parris: How to have more pleasure and intimacy

Sex and relationship coach Tazima Parris (@tazimaparris) drops gem after gem of wisdom about sex, intimacy, communication and more. You need to hear what Tazima has to say about emasculation, the pleasure gap and how to have better sex. Tazima gives more sex education in this conversation than most of us have heard in our lives. This is a can’t miss conversation for anyone who wants more pleasure, more connection and more love!

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