Momentum is EVERYTHING

Wow, why is it that we expect a swift kick in the butt works to motivate us? It does in the short term, but it has no lasting impact. For some reason it's taken me years to discover this. To not blame myself for not being motivated enough, not having enough follow-through. 

When I look at my life now, I can see that every success I've ever had is due to this formula:

Motivation + MOMENTUM = Success

You aren't likely to gain momentum without the motivation to start a new action, but you definitely can't keep the motivation going without the momentum to sustain your efforts. When it slows down? Get a big dose of MORE MOTIVATION. 

My new goal in my life is stay INSPIRED. And I can't do that on my own. I have to find the resources within myself AND outside of myself to keep my motivation going. 

I'm feeling pretty unstoppable right now. I hope you are, too! 


Francesca HogiComment